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Household  Household 1.00
Household software is an ultimate answer to household money management. It consists of two programs, one for gathering data and one for multi-dimensional analysis. (based on EASY OLAP technology) Review your previous months spending habits and budget the future ones. Build your own tree-structured expense and income categories. Gain insight to money matters and make your money decisions more efficiently. Find out where the money is going!

i-Timesheets In-House Web Timesheets  i-Timesheets In-House Web Timesheets 4.2
i-Timesheets In-house is a highly configurable and easy to use web-based timesheet application that you can deploy in-house on your local network or Intranet. Perfect for businesses that monitor contractors and staff working on projects or that provide professional services or employing contractors at hourly rates. Download and try for free, which includes 3 free licences once you register.

Atlas Timesheet Software  Atlas Timesheet Software 8.414
Atlas Starter Edition for 25 users Free Timesheet Software; Designed for small and medium sized organizations, Atlas Starter Edition is the first integrated solution that automates the management of timesheets from one easy-to-use menu, completely Free of charge. It has been designed with the end user in mind, using menu's and entry screens constructed in a simple, straightforward style to let an employee register their timesheets

Money Planner  Money Planner 0.3
Money Planner is the software for the account and planning your income and expenses. You can also use Money Planner for planning your family budget. Very simple and intuitively understandable interface. Probably having seen a full picture of your budget for a month ahead, you will find out that it is possible to spend another superfluous hundred dollars on something pleasant without damage :)
money, planner, home, billing, finance, budget, family, income, expenses, account,

RedBox Organizer  RedBox Organizer 6.0
Check out this incredible personal information manager that is more than your usual organizer. Equipped with the most professional personal management features, RedBox Organizer makes managing daily routine a breeze. User-friendly tools like Reminder, To-Do, Sticky Notes, Expenses Tracker, Address Book, enhanced Calendar and more will make your life much easier. Experience it to believe it. Free Utilities CD included!
personal organizer, personal planner, calendar, pim, personal information manager, scheduler, appointments, alarm reminder, sticky notes, address book,

Profit Loss Report Spreadsheet  Profit Loss Report Spreadsheet 4.0
Award-winning Excel spreadsheet, created by DynoTech, is a simple alternative to accounting software to organize and track small business income and expenses. Easier for you and tax preparer when tax time rolls around. Outgrown the shoebox organization method, but not quite ready for accounting software? Easily organize income and expenses for business management and tax preparation. Save time, money and tax time headaches. Requires MS Excel.
business, profit, expenses, accounting, excel, spreadsheet, taxes, tax preparation, deductions, small business,

ExpenseIT  ExpenseIT 2.4
ExpenseIT is software for tracking shared household expenses. It's not only faster and easier than alternatives, it's better for your relationship. ExpenseIT is more convenient and versatile than a joint checking account, which makes it difficult to mix household shopping with your own. Now you won't need to crunch those numbers yourself--or deal with math! ExpenseIT won top awards from ZDNet, CNET and TUCOWS.
expenses, household, home finance, housemates, couples, paying bills, sharing bills, gay couples, group housing, student,

ProjectCompanion Standard Edition  ProjectCompanion Standard Edition 2005
ProjectCompanion supports project execution through project plans, project status reports, document sharing, action delegation and project diaries. It also provides support for time and expense reporting, as well as invoicing and accounting integration.
project, management, time reporting, actions, tasks, expenses, billing, invoicing, tracking, planning,

Advanced Wedding Organizer  Advanced Wedding Organizer 1.0
Advanced Wedding Organizer is wedding planning software designed to simplify your wedding preparation process. It will help you to manage all information concerning your coming wedding such as wedding gift list and thank you notes, guest list, invitations, vendors, wedding budget and expenses, wedding reception menu, events related to wedding, wedding day schedule, seating arrangement, wedding announcements, etc.
wedding, planning, planner, organizer, invitation, flower, gift, program, checklist, budget,

Car Book Plus  Car Book Plus 5.1
CAR BOOK PLUS for Windows . Includes two separate programs: Car Mileage Book and Car Expenses Book. Both programs will help you keep track of all car records (services, maintenance, repairs, insurance and license fees, fuel and oil costs, leasing costs, mileage, and more...). CAR BOOK PLUS well suited for both personal and business car use.
car, log, mileage, repair, account, expenses, car, organize, mileage,

Budget  Budget 1.0
A simple software for management your expenses and incomes. FEATURES: create your own planing budget, modify and add new categories (the software will adjust automatically), see the last entries, find easily a category, print a summary and graph of your expenses and incomes. DIRECTIONS: decompress in a folder and click twice on the file "Budget" choose to continue if a message appears.
budget, finance, personal, money, expenses, incomes,

Invoice101 - PC  Invoice101 - PC 7.3.1
Invoice 101 easy to use invoice and billing offers fast data entry, user friendly tab navigation and condensed toolbars. Track clients, vendors, inventory, jobs, invoices, payments, receipts, installment plans, scanned documents and reports. Alignment for window envelopes plus multiple currencies, 2 or 3 decimal precision, selectable invoice numbering, custom tax fields, optional invoice header & footer, labor timer and parts markup calculator.
invoice, invoicing, business invoices, billing, receipt, purchase order, finance, accounting, installment plan, payments,

Budget Advisor  Budget Advisor 2.22
With so many everyday expenses involved in running a household it's essential to plan ahead by creating a monthly budget. Budget Advisor makes keeping track of your monthly budget quick and easy. You can use existing budget categories and items, or you can create your own. Detailed reports and a graphical breakdown of your budget are provided allowing you to see whether you are budgeting effectively.
budget, monthly budget, personal budget, home budget, expenses, income, money, spend, budgeting, planning,

Project Clock Client/Server  Project Clock Client/Server 8.03
Project Clock Client/Server is an easy to use multi-user project time recording system. Project Clock is a useful application for consultants, lawyers, engineers or anyone else who must keep track of time billed to different projects. Highly accurate billing records are kept by easily punching in and out for each project. Project Clock CS can share data over an Internet connection and has a custom reporting feature and a timesheet entry form.
project, clock, timesheet, management, manager, record, recording, time, timer, bill,

Legal Billing  Legal Billing
This Legal Billing program offers powerful but easy tools you need to track time and expenses, print invoices and get paid for the work you performed without a learning curve requiring extensive training! Even share the data with others on your network! The result is a flexible billing program ideal for small law firms and for sole practitioners at a much better value.
lawyer, legal, legal billing, time and billing, law, attorney, expenses, client statements,

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